Obama's relatives received free education at Gülenist schools in Kenya

Published 25.12.2016 22:12

Relatives of U.S. President Barrack Obama have received free education at Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ)-linked schools in Kenya, a Turkish Parliamentary commission report revealed.

According to the preliminary findings of the Parliamentary Research Commission that investigated the July 15 failed coup attempt, Obama's relatives received free education at Gülenist schools in Kenya.

The 936-page draft report reveals that FETÖ, led by U.S.-based Fetullah Gülen, operates in 160 countries around the world. The report also noted that FETÖ rapidly expanded their operations in the U.S. during the Obama administration and reminded that they made huge amounts of election donations to democrat senators to increase their influence in the Obama administration.

The report also stated that when Obama announced his presidential nomination, FETÖ members and leaders in Kenya began to show close interest in Obama's distant relatives living in Kenya, providing them with free education upon the request of Gülen himself.

In addition, the report suggests that FETÖ members in Kenya were invited to Obama's presidential inauguration ceremony in 2009 because of the alleged close ties.

Allegations about ties between FETÖ members and the Obama family residing in Kenya were first reported in several Turkish media outlets back in February 2015.

The media reports stated that FETÖ member Ahmet Kara, who is in charge of the group's Kenya operations, was invited to the presidential inauguration ceremony because of his close ties with Obama's distant family in Kenya.

On Gülen's official website, it states that the FETÖ schools in Kenya work closely with the Luo tribe, which is the tribe that Obama's father's family belongs to.

What's more, in total there are six FETÖ schools in Kenya that operate within an integrated system of primary, middle and high schools. FETÖ also has two other organizations operating in Kenya, the Ömeriye Foundation and the Respect Foundation.

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