Gülenists operate in more than 100 countries: report


A report by the Presidency's State Auditing Board (DDK) claims that the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) operates in 100 countries through its extensive school network. The DDK, which started an investigation upon the orders of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has learned that the terrorist cult is currently conducting activities in more than 100 countries worldwide while stressing on the other hand that FETÖ has not been able to become organized in Russia and China.

According to the auditing board, FETÖ has managed to maintain its operations most successfully in African and Asian countries. The DKK investigation comes after the Turkish state sped up efforts to crack down on FETÖ school networks operating worldwide and is centered on eradicating the group.

In cooperation with other state constitutions, the DKK is currently investigating FETÖ operations in the U.S., Africa and Asia. According to media reports, DDK officers are also informing their counterparts in the said regions regarding the cult and its activities, including the group's financial sources.

Since the Turkish state authorized the Maarif (Education) Foundation to overhaul FETÖ-affiliated schools around the world, the governments of Chad, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Senegal, Gabon and Mauritania have signed deals with the foundation to hand over the schools. Currently, the Maarif Foundation successfully operates schools in the Republic of Guinea and Niger.

So far, more than 80 FETÖ schools and training centers operating abroad have been shut down or placed under governmental control. Led by U.S.-based fugitive Fetullah Gülen, FETÖ is accused of infiltrating institutions of the Turkish state and carrying out the July 15 failed coup attempt which left at least 247 people dead and over 2,000 others injured.

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