12 Daesh suspects arrested in anti-terror operations

Published 22.04.2017 00:57

Twelve suspects were arrested in anti-terror operations against Daesh in Istanbul yesterday.

The operations were part of a broader investigation against Daesh being carried out by the Istanbul attorney general's Anti-Terror and Organized Crimes Bureau.

The 12 suspects, including Daesh's media representative in Istanbul, were detained and taken to a local police station. Later they were brought before a court and were arrested.

Several pieces of digital equipment, organization-related documents and a gun were confiscated during the operations at the suspects'homes and workplaces.

Following a New Year's attack at a popular Istanbul nightclub, where 39 people were killed by a Daesh gunman, Turkey launched nationwide operations that have netted hundreds of suspects so far.

The Turkish military also killed a large number of militants during its Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria, where the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was backed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in its battle to retake towns captured by the terrorist group.

Beefed-up counter-terror measures in cities near the Syrian border have also seen the capture of several Daesh militants in recent weeks.

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