Recordings expose FETÖ coup plotters’ orders to strike ambulances

Published 26.04.2017 16:33

Coup plotters gave orders to open fire on ambulances and all moving vehicles during the military takeover attempt by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) on July 15, according to recordings of radio communications between pilots involved.

The conversations of pilots, who on July 15 took off from the Army Aviation School in order to hit various public buildings throughout the capital, indicate that the plotters indiscriminately targeted all vehicles.

The instructions included commands to hit police posts around the parliament building, to open fire on anyone trying to leave the building of Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and to target ambulances, Turkish Hürriyet daily reported Wednesday.

A dialogue between major Sadullah Abra, the commander of a helicopter squadron Özcan Karacan and major Rafet Kalaycı revealed that Gülenist plotters told pilots to hit all moving vehicles, including police cars and ambulances.

During the July 15 failed coup attempt government buildings, including the Presidential Complex and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey were bombed by helicopters. Around 250 people were killed and 2,735 were injured.

FETÖ is accused of carrying out the deadly coup attempt through agents loyal to the group, which have infiltrated Turkish state institutions with the aim to topple the government.

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