Canadian weapons found in PKK possession; Turkey issues warning

Published 25.07.2018 21:13
Updated 26.07.2018 00:50

Turkey warned Canada after it was revealed that weapons produced there have been found in the hands of the PKK terrorist organization.

According to an article by David Pugliese titled "Canadian-made assault rifle turns up in hands of terrorists as Turkey warns of weapons being diverted," which was published in multiple newspapers in Canada on Monday including the National Post, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen, Canadian-made NEA-15 type weapons were found on PKK terrorists.

The article also stated that during a counterterrorism operation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in April, Canadian-made weapons were being stolen and photographs of the weapons were being sent to Canadian authorities. According to the article, the weapons were produced by a company named North Eastern Arms (NEA) in Ontario, Canada with the permission of the Canadian federal government.

In 2016, the article expressed, the weapons produced by the NEA were supplied to peshmerga forces in northern Iraq and in the same year, more than a thousand weapons were being exported to Iraq from Canada.

John Babcock, a senior communication adviser at Global Affairs Canada, stated on the issue that an investigation is being launched regarding the matter. "Our government has constantly expressed that it is against the delivery of the weapons to terrorist organizations, especially in Syria and Iraq. In this respect, we are expressing our concerns over the fact that the weapons that were given to different groups in Iraq may have ended up at the hands of terrorist organizations such as the PKK and Daesh," said Turkey's envoy to Canada Selçuk Ünal, while adding that allies of Turkey, including Canada, have been receiving warnings on the matter for a very long time now.

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