Russia's headscarf debate

Published 20.10.2012 14:58
Updated 20.10.2012 17:37

Russia has decided to permit elementary school students in Stavropol to attend class wearing headscarves.

The decision follows a recent incident in which five girls were not allowed to enter their elementary school for wearing headscarves. Complaints were issued against the school for this policy and the case was taken to court.

Russian Minister of Education Limanov has since stated that students wearing headscarves to class is not a situation that should be feared.

Commenting on the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, "We must always treat the religious feelings of people with great respect. That must be shown in all of the state's activities. Secondly, we have a secular state and we must proceed from this basis," Putin said.

Parents, students and the school administration have reached a compromise in Stavropol as the case ensues.

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