Lana Del Rey postpones Israel concert after protest

File Photo

Lana Del Rey canceled an appearance at an Israeli festival on Friday, saying she would reschedule for a time when she could give concerts in both Israel and Palestine.

Del Rey was urged by hundreds of fans, who signed a petition, and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement to forego the concert in Israel.

"It's important to me to perform in both Palestine and Israel and treat all my fans equally," Del Rey said on Twitter as she announced she was postponing the appearance until she could schedule a concert in Palestine as well.

She had previously shared a lengthy post on Twitter explaining her rationale for keeping on the concert in Israel, sparking a heated discussion among social media users.

This is the second time Del Rey has canceled an appearance in Israel, the first in 2014.

Several other acts had already pulled out of the Meteor Festival in northern Israel after pressure from BDS.

BDS activists say agreeing to appear at cultural events is a stamp of approval for the Israeli government.

The BDS movement is a group of pro-Palestinian activists who advocate cultural and economic boycotts of Israel in the name of Palestinian rights.

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