'Periods: Respect to 60 Years in Art' exhibition pays homage to masterful artist
The poster of the exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Mine Art Gallery)

Mine Art Gallery hosts Tülin Serpen's solo exhibition, titled "Periods: Respect to 60 Years in Art." The exhibition, running until June 24, offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore the profound evolution of Serpen's artistry over the span of her illustrious six-decade career.

"Dönemler: Sanatta 60 Yıla Saygı," as the exhibition is known in Turkish, encapsulates the depth and variety of Serpen's artistic expressions throughout her remarkable journey. With a curated selection of artworks from different periods, the exhibition pays homage to the artist's relentless pursuit of creative exploration and her invaluable contributions to the art world.

One of the artworks in Tülin Serpen's solo exhibition "Periods: Respect to 60 Years in Art." (Photo courtesy of Mine Art Gallery)

Having received artistic education from prominent figures such as Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Neşet Günal and Özdemir Altan, Tülin Serpen embarked on her artistic odyssey in the 1960s. The exhibition highlights her early years, marked by academic drawings, paintings, figure studies, landscapes and still-life works. Serpen's ability to capture the essence of her subjects and infuse them with her unique artistic vision quickly garnered attention and acclaim.

In the early 1970s, a pivotal turning point emerged in Serpen's artistic career. Drawing inspiration from the resplendent stained glass windows of the historic Sultanahmet Mosque, she ventured into new artistic territories. Serpen's art resonated with viewers through poignantly written paintings and powerful imagery that evoked a profound sense of introspection.

One of the artworks in Tülin Serpen's solo exhibition "Periods: Respect to 60 Years in Art." (Photo courtesy of Mine Art Gallery)

A defining aspect of Serpen's artistic exploration was her integration of the serigraphy technique. Pushing the boundaries of her art, she skillfully incorporated elements of collage and photo-based compositions into her silk-printed serigraphs. These remarkable works became emblematic of a significant period in Serpen's career that extended into the 1980s, attracting critical acclaim and earning her several prestigious awards.

Among the notable milestones in Serpen's journey, her participation in the 1982 Contemporary Painters Exhibition at Hagia Irene Church stands out. Her captivating artwork titled "Savaştan Döndüm 1" captivated visitors at the renowned Beyoğlu Art Gallery and was subsequently acquired by the esteemed Istanbul State Painting and Sculpture Museum. Serpen's talents also transcended national borders, as evidenced by her exhibition at the Residence of the Turkish Embassy in London, which brought her work to an international audience.