Syrian boy in Turkey wins international photo competition for reading with his cat

Ahmed Ibrahim, a 9-year-old Syrian living in Turkey, won an international reading award for a photo of him reading with his cat. (Photo from Ibrahim Gök via Padlet)

A 9-year old Syrian refugee boy, Ahmed Ibrahim, living in Turkey's southern province of Hatay, came second in an international photo competition called "Let's Read Together" held in Lithuania.

Residing in Hatay's Dörtyol district with his family after fleeing the civil war in their country, the second-grader won second place with a photograph his father took which shows him reading a book with his cat on his lap and two other friends listening in.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Ibrahim expressed his happiness and said his cat always sat on his lap whenever he reads.

His schoolteacher Ibrahim Gök also welcomed the award and said the school is proud of their student.

Ibrahim was invited to meet the sub-governor of Dörtyol, Murat Bulancak, who presented him with an achievement award.

Bulancak noted the district has invested great efforts in educating the refugee children they host.

"It makes us very happy to see our students achieve such successes. Hopefully, Ahmed will have many more achievements in the future," he said.

Organized by the educational application Padlet, the "Let's Read Together" competition was attended by 68 students from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Romania and Poland.

Padlet is an online virtual bulletin board, where students and teachers collaborate, reflect, and share links and pictures in a secure location.

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