CHP expresses concern new system to cost seats in 2019

CHP spokesperson Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan. (DHA Photo)

The new election system and recently-formed People's Alliance will cost the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) seats in Parliament, CHP spokesperson Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan said.

"CHP calculated the election results of Nov. 1, 2015 elections with 600 deputies that is envisaged in the new constitution. According to this simulation, the CHP will lose seven deputies and HDP will lose one deputy to the alliance. These numbers increase to 13 in calculations made with 550 deputies," Tezcan said Monday.

In his remarks, Tezcan said that even though a party receives more votes than an ally party but cannot pass the national election threshold, the ally party will take parliamentary seats with fewer votes.

Meanwhile, government spokesman Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ commented on the simulation results of the main opposition party.

"CHP doesn't understand the steps we are taking. My wish is that they eventually see the change and progress and take measures," the deputy prime minister underlined.

"Their chairman said that they will be in power with 60 percent. CHP has 25 percent or less. It is not right to assume 50+1 percent by opposing alliances," he added.

Additionally, Bozdağ responded to allegations that the new election system will not be fair.
"A formula that attaches importance to fairness in representation has been presented. All parties can make alliances with whomever they want. This possibility in legal ground can be used by everyone. There is nothing like hindering the will [of the people]," he said.

Earlier this month, changing the bylaws of the party for possible alliances was on the agenda of the CHP. The proposals will be considered at a party convention on March 9-10.

"Flexibility is needed in bylaws that would allow broad alliances," CHP's spokesperson previously said about the alliance possibilities.

Speaking to media at the time, Tezcan also said that there must be changes in terms of alliances, especially after the recent talks between the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

The CHP Party Assembly announced that all deputies and local party branches should submit their suggestions for changes to the bylaws as soon as possible, as it has been suggested that bylaws be changed in line with the changing nature of politics in Turkey.

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