'Coconut Hero' in Monday Films

Mike Thyson, 16, lives with his mother who always complains about everything in a small village in the Canadian forests. He doesn't know his German father and doesn't have any friends. Life is scary and unbearable for him. Thus, he decides to commit suicide. He writes a suicide note and then shoots the gun pointed at his head. However, when he wakes up the next day, he is in a hospital, not in heaven as he had hoped. Mike is the one out of 100 people to shot him or her self but not die.

Later, he learns that the doctors discovered a tumor in his head, but he keeps this to himself to avoid the surgery that will save his life. He feels both pain and happiness in the moments when he meets death face to face. But then he meets Miranda and isn't sure if he wants to die anymore. Critics describe "Coconut Hero" as a little masterwork, a film that creates a great balance between tragedy and comedy. The film will be screened free of charge in its original language with Turkish subtitles.

Where: Beyoğlu Pera Cinema

When: Monday, Nov. 20

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