Young entrepreneurs from around world gather in Istanbul to make a change

On Friday, Jan. 26, Impact Hub Istanbul will host the Humans for Change summit where young changemakers from around the world share their personal experiences in social entrepreneurship.

Humans for Change is a social initiative supported by Impact Hub Istanbul and Ashoka. Impact Hub is an innovative, co-working events space and network, and Ashoka is a global organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs, described as individuals with innovative and practical ideas for solving problems. At this unique event, which has free admission and takes place from 6:45 p.m.-11p.m., you can hear stories from people making a difference as social entrepreneurs and take part in the workshop series Wellbeing, Marketing and Story-telling.

Event speakers

Greta Rossi (FRSA) is a changemaker (devoting one's life to creating better conditions for others), which she does as an educator and wellbeing facilitator and through Recipes for Wellbeing, a changemaker collaboration focusing on wellbeing: the positive state of thriving and living to the fullest while creating a positive impact in the world (a good state of health in the absence of problems).

Yostina Boules is the founder and CEO of Taqa Solutions, a social enterprise making sustainable energy accessible to Egyptian poultry farmers. By working on Sustainable Development Goal 7, which ensures clean and affordable energy resources to all, Yostina leads and participates in initiatives to develop methodologies for the wellbeing of entrepreneurs.

Described as "just a normal person working with a group of amazing people to create lasting change," Amr Dawood is actually anything but. This social entrepreneur, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, made the Forbes 30 U30 list and is the CEO of the Good Summit, an annual international gathering to create connections and nurture networks that motivate toward a better shared today. His background includes biomedical engineering, business and math, and he utilizes his skills for innovation to tackle social issues.

Alparslan Demir of is a changemaker and marketing expert who believes in the power of words. Sign up on his website to receive specially curated short stories and passages from novels that you can read in just five minutes every day.

Violetta Tsitsiliani is the co-founder of The Language Project, a cultural initiative to produce translation-based educational programs and provide cross-cultural communication solutions through translation, interpreting and intercultural mediation. Her passion is to provide creative solutions for communication and cultural issues using language, culture and art as tools.

Sylvia Kouveli is a freelance photographer and social media marketer with a focus on projects that build awareness and enhance inclusion in social ambience.

The co-founder of Makers Unite, Thami Schweichler is a social entrepreneur focused on design for social innovation and co-creativity, while Makers Unite, which is based in Amsterdam, connects people by making products with a story that matters.

Julie Murat is COO at Bridge for Billions, a venture with the mission to provide access to support entrepreneurs worldwide, described as an online incubator providing personal, practical and peer support to launch your business.

The event begins at 7 p.m. with Stories of the world's top young changemakers followed by Workshops: Wellbeing, Marketing and Storytelling at 8:30 p.m. The event concludes with a networking session at 10 p.m. Participants can register for free tickets at Event Brite.

All about Impact Hub

Impact Hub Istanbul is a co-working space and event venue that unites and empowers impact-driven individuals. It is part of the worldwide Impact Hub network that has over 85 locations and a network of over 13,000 members focused on bringing ideas and passions to life. The concept is based on combining three elements: a strongly-connected community of passionate and entrepreneurial individuals seeking to bring about positive change, providing inspiration through thought-provoking content in events, programs and workshops and offering a physical space that has a flexible, functional and inspiring infrastructure to work, meet, learn and connect. A variety of membership options are available to join the co-working community at Impact Hub, which also hosts a wide variety of inspirational events such as the upcoming Humans for Change summit.

This week alone there will be a talk on Wednesday, How to Make the Transition from Startup to Corporate, Foodback: Bringing Your Idea to Life and an Ideathon for Youth series, an idea competition for high school students to find digital solutions to targets established by the United National Development Program.

On Feb. 2-4, "Creathon: A Storytelling Challenge," is three-days of storytelling of entrepreneurial start-up stories on a wide variety of topics, ranging from coding, social media, graphic design, animation, photography, editing, web design and branding to name a few. Later on Saturday, Feb. 17, there will be a special three-hour program devoted to why technology is addictive and ways to use mindfulness to conquer that addiction.

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