Street flavors come together at Istanbul food festival

Street flavors come together at Istanbul food festival

Food buffs are invited to spend three days filled with unique and traditional flavors that will make their mouths water at the event titled "Street tastes are in the Kanyon.

"From "çiğ köfte" - a raw meatball dish, traditionally made with either lean beef or lamb, kneaded into a dough with bulgur and hot paprika - to "gözleme," a type of patisserie, kokoreç," which is made from cow or lamb intestines and grilled with plenty of spices and served as a sandwich, to to the everyday staple of chicken and rice, the famous flavors of Istanbul that embellish the city streets will be served for food enthusiasts in Kanyon Shopping Mall from July 26-28.

Do not forget to write down this event on your schedule to experience this mouth-watering feast of tastes in the unusual atmosphere of Kanyon Mall from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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