Scientists discover new chemical that reverses effects of aging

Losing hair, hair turning grey and getting wrinkles are the primary signs of getting old, but scientists have made a breakthrough to reverse all these things with a single chemical component.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University managed to stop hair from graying and heal skin wounds that occurred due to old age and cholesterol on mice with a chemical component called "glycosifingolipid."

The chemical managed to stop the production of amino-alcohol, which causes damage in hair and skin cells.

The experiment conducted on mice showed positive results when the mice were injected with the chemical as their white hair turned to their normal color.

However, according the scientists, they need to conduct more studies to determine whether the component will work on humans or not. But they are hopeful that the component might be used for a drug to stop the effects of old age in the future.

The study's results were published in Scientific Reports.

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