Şeyhandede Waterfall waits to be discovered

Şeyhandede Waterfall draws attention with its natural beauty.

Famous for its hot springs and natural beauty, Şeyhandede Waterfall in the Çermik district of southeastern Turkey's Diyarbakır has become a hotspot for local tourists.

In Diyarbakır, where summer temperatures can go really high, the waterfall offers a welcome respite from the searing heat. People can enjoy the view of the waterfall, listen to birds singing or swim in the natural pool.Many tourists from Diyarbakır and nearby cities visit the waterfall, especially in summer.

Ünal Aldemir, a Diyarbakır local visiting the waterfall, regretted that the city is generally remembered by terror events. "This is sad. Diyarbakır needs to be discovered through its spiritual atmosphere, its historical and natural sites. There are many people who come from nearby cities, like Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa. The Gaziantep Governorship, the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the municipalities should better promote the Diyarbakır."

Turan Polat, who came to have a picnic, said the waterfall and the surrounding area are really beautiful. "Many people visit the place, especially at the weekends. They have a barbecue and have fun in this cool place."

Another visitor, Harun Ak said that the waterfall can become a major tourist attraction with some small improvements.

He added that Diyarbakır has suffered a lot because of terrorist events. But it should be known for its natural beauty. "Beautiful places like Şeyhandede waterfall should be developed for tourism. Our people should come and visit instead of going to other places. If the Turkish government works to better maintain this place, it will be even more beautiful, and more people will come here. This can be a perfect tourist location with its water and trees."

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