FETÖ suspect reveals group's activity in Netherlands

FETÖ suspect reveals group's activity in Netherlands

A cell of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) in the Netherlands has been revealed as a suspect gave details of a shadowy center.

The FETÖ suspect, Bülent Şengün, who said that he worked at Gouden Generatie De IJssel in the Netherlands, gave detailed information about the names of the people working there and their positions within the organization.

Şengün's statements were in testimony made to Ankara's Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. The FETÖ suspect was arrested as part of the investigation into the restructuring of FETÖ abroad and was said to be residing in a local village in the Netherlands. Şengün denied the accusation in his defense; however, he admitted to have worked in the Dutch-affiliated organizations.

This institution is called the "Golden Generation," in which FETÖ has been training its militants to take over the state.

"This is the center of study. It is also the place where the meetings, charity events and other activities were done. This center was visited by a large number of politicians and artists. Both public meetings and secret meetings were held only by the directors," Şengün said.

Denying accusations against him, Şengün also said he was a cleaning staff at the center, who also served tea and food during the meetings open to public.

Şengün, who stated that another figure, Bahattin Karataş, was the student of FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen and that he therefore called himself "molla," added, "He lived in the Netherlands. Whenever this person came to our center, those at the Education Center would be in a hurry and warn us all." Prosecutors in cases against FETÖ say Gülen employed the group's infiltrators in the military and "imams," the group's civilian handlers for infiltrators, to carry out the coup attempt both at home and abroad.

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