Turkish F-16 jets salute Yavuz drillship on the way to Eastern Mediterranean

Turkish F-16 fighter jets held a warm welcome for the Yavuz drillship on its way to the Eastern Mediterranean.

A video shared Thursday by the Ministry of National Defense showed one of the jets flying past from the ship's bow at a low altitude, with the accompanying TCG Barbaros.

The jets were equipped with AIM120 and AIM9 missiles to prevent possible harassment that could target the ship.

Turkish pilots also captured a photo to mark the flight.

Operated by the Turkish Petroleum (TPAO), the 229-meter long Yavuz is Turkey's second drilling ship, which will operate off the Karpas Peninsula to the northeast of the island of Cyprus.

Turkey has recently ramped up its hydrocarbon exploration and drilling efforts in Eastern Mediterranean following unilateral moves and deals by the Greek Cypriot Administration.

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