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  • Feature Covering exactly 783,356 square kilometers, Turkey is a huge country with 81 provinces. Every year, millions of people are making cross-country moves, looking for new homes on the busy real estate... House hunter's guide, Turkish edition A bright, sunny three-bedroom apartment with lots of space, a parking lot and a scenic view is everyone's perfect dream home. However, finding one is not always easy; especially if you are looking for a house in a country with a population of millions More
  • Feature Europeans betray the teachings of Jesus Christ As Europeans celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the European Union, they seem to have long forgotten the principles that the union was founded on. The mistreatment of migrants and Muslims not only signal the abandonment of European ideals but also crucial Christian values More
  • Feature The Provisional National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus, also known as the Kars Islamic Council, was not only the first republic founded in Anatolia but also one of the shortest-lived... National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus: A short-lived republic in Anatolia Anatolia has been home to numerous civilizations, states and empires throughout history; however, none of them was as short lived as the National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus, which was founded right after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, before the Republic of Turkey was founded More
  • Feature The price of security To be safe in today's world is not easy. When a few weeks or a month goes by and we don't hear of a terrorist attack somewhere in the world, we begin to wonder when the next one will come. What a sad state of affairs. But to prevent terrorism, be it a lone driver on Westminster Bridge or a large group of traitors raining bombs and gunfire down on major cities in Turkey, strict measures and lengthy investigations must be undertaken More
  • Feature Ahmed Jalil al-Ali, an international karate referee and coach who took refuge in Turkey with his family due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, is now attempting to train new athletes in the... Syrian sensei trains Turkish athletes for gold Once a decorated karate master, Ahmed Jalil al-Ali was among the Syrians who flocked to Turkey seeking asylum. Having left his homeland behind, al-Ali now eyes to future, training his two sons and young Turkish athletes More
  • Feature The geography of Anatolia and Rumelia is generally mountainous, which makes navigation through the territory, even these days, quite perilous. With mountains rising high on both sides, roads twist... Modern insurance system has its roots in medieval Anatolia A few centuries ago, protecting roads in Anatolia was honorable work for its people, which led to the establishment of a primitive accident insurance system More
  • Feature The concept is centered on unlikely recruits known as Ethical Hackers, who are working with large corporations under an agreement that allows them to infiltrate company online systems and test... Now hiring: Ethical hackers and the digitization era As the world continues to be surrounded with the ‘web,' new lines of work are opening for the younger generations. Once regarded as criminals, hackers are now being hired by major companies to rev up their security systems More
  • La Deesse: Goddess of fragrance design Feature La Deesse: Goddess of fragrance design Turkey's first customized perfume boutique is a jewel box-inspired shop in Istanbul's chic Nişantaşı, where experts offer workshops to guide you in creating your own custom scent and packaging More
  • Feature President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's trip to Russia on March 10 marked an important point for the cooperation between the two countries. After the downed jet and the ensuing assassination of Ambassador... Setting the stage for a 'Western' international coup As Turkey and Russia mend and enhance their relationship, it is obvious that third parties are trying to create a rift between the two with the downed jet crisis and the assassination of a Russian diplomat in Ankara. Fearing the partnership of Turkey and Russia, the Europeans have turned their backs on Turkey instead of working together to create a stronger partnership More
  • Feature One conspicuous form of backlash to globalization that is currently under serious attack has undoubtedly been the ascent of far-right extremist movements across the world – most strikingly in... European ideals under threat The far right in Europe is living its heyday once again since World War II. With rising security concerns as well as the fear of refugees, Europe has become like the states it has been criticizing for a very long time More
  • Feature We, here in Turkey, are used to this. Turks were wheeled out by the Leave Europe campaign in the U.K. for Brexit. The fear was instilled in people that if they remained in Europe, the flood gates... Privilege in Politics It is election time. Terrible things are happening in Europe, with mummers dressed up as Ottoman Turks parading down the streets, scimitar in their hands. Such parades are based on ancient traditions, but the fact that their red fez has the word ‘Hayir' (Turkish for ‘No') emblazoned on their heads, and that unflattering caricatures of the president of Turkey are being held high by these ‘Turks,' means that such events have taken on a new dimension More
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