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  • Combatting information disorder Combatting information disorder Although information disorder is caused by many factors, the importance of the mainstream media's involvement in eradicating the problem needs to be recognized instead of engaging in blame-shifting, as this is the only way to successfully correct the problem more
  • Reader's Corner Having expertise in specific areas is a significant part of good journalism. Covering certain subjects such as terrorism, international politics, lobbying and so forth require journalistic know-how... How to avoid pitfalls when covering health stories It is clear that a subject as sensitive as health and medicine requires expert journalists who carry with them a set of ethical guidelines as to avoid the many mistakes and misconducts we witness today such as fear-mongering, false hopes and inadequate coverage of healthcare organizations, doctors and medications More
  • Reader's Corner As traffic accidents have long been a permanent aspect of the pages of national and local newspapers in Turkey during peak travel times, such as the Ramadan holiday, Eid al-Fitr, and the Qurban... Settling on principles for reporting traffic accidents With the recent debate sparked on how to report traffic accidents involving transport companies' intercity buses and whether omitting the company names is self-censorship, almost all Turkish media organizations reached a compromise in a rare but welcome show of unity with a set of ethical principles for all to follow More
  • Reader's Corner When the job of an individual is for the consumption of the public eye, by nature a certain amount of exposure is assumed. Since the end product in journalism is almost solely for the purpose of... Verify first, share later Social media literacy is just as important as media literacy when it comes to steering clear of propaganda and the spread of manipulative content, especially since social media is largely regarded as a valid news source by a vast majority of the public More
  • Reader's Corner Unexpected development in August rankings With Eid al-Adha behind us and summer ready to make way for fall, we have on our hands last month's most read articles list.August 2017 had a larger than usual pool of article... More
  • Reader's Corner Being a journalist allows a person to witness a wide range of situations as the daily news flows across through our desks while some find their way into print. It also allows us to experience the... Corruption in the media Under-the-table transactions between journalists and PR agencies will no longer be the exception to the rule and instead become the norm if we do not put a stop to such corruption by taking a unified stance against unethical, illegal practices that threaten to destroy the integrity of our profession More
  • Reader's Corner This week, let's begin by looking at the Latin proverb, The media's approach to animal rights When reporting on stories regarding animal cruelty and animal rights violations, journalists must take every ethical consideration seriously and lead the debates on the issue to establish productive avenues toward reform while staying current with the issue rather than simply fanning the flames of ignorance or overlooking the problem More
  • Reader's Corner Despite ongoing discussions on whether its effectiveness is waning or not, the mainstream media still represents a great source of power and influence due to its ability to influence public... A balancing act between the media and its sources The relationship between a journalist and the source of information is as old as the job itself but it is important to realize that this relationship is a mutually beneficial one, as long as journalists remain diligent in the face of potential manipulation, to protect the credibility and integrity of their names and newspapers More
  • Reader's Corner Everything was so sudden. All was done and over in half an hour, as the people of the city started to pick up the pieces. First, the light of day was replaced with darkness, and clouds covered the... Disaster strikes, the media fails To be forewarned is to be well-equipped and, in the case of natural disasters, a major part of the responsibility of informing the public falls on the media because otherwise, catastrophic results are bound to repeat themselves in Istanbul More
  • Reader's Corner Full-time journalism Recently, a veteran Turkish journalist, who for many years has worked at different newspapers both at the employee and management level, wrote on Twitter, "As I couldn't be... More
  • Reader's Corner Many of our readers are surely familiar with the famous saying, For want of a nail Without proper work flow and clear responsibilities, some media companies risk losing credibility along with similar public relations nightmares as the mistakes arising from their lack of expertise and experience continue to pile up More
  • Reader's Corner Same names, different rankings in July With another month behind us, we look at the top-10 most read lists of July to gauge reader interest. With news articles of four weeks as our pool, it seems that this month... More
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