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  • A balancing act between the media and its sources A balancing act between the media and its sources The relationship between a journalist and the source of information is as old as the job itself but it is important to realize that this relationship is a mutually beneficial one, as long as journalists remain diligent in the face of potential manipulation, to protect the credibility and integrity of their names and newspapers more
  • Reader's Corner Ever since the controversial presidential elections in the U.S., fake news has fallen in the crosshairs of various organizations. Regardless of the claims that fake news contributed to Donald... Identifying fake news When combatting fake news, a major part of the responsibility lies within the readers as they can be both the victim and responsible for spreading the fabricated news, but they can put a stop to that by improving media literacy More
  • Reader's Corner Newsworthiness is a concept that encompasses all aspect of newsmaking. From a reporter in the field to an editor in headquarters, all journalists make a conscious decision about what to report on.... Details do matter Importance of the details in a news article is often subconsciously graded on the public interest scale, but we must remember that what may be considered a minor error from a journalist's point of view, could be a substantial matter for the people who are the subject of the news More
  • Reader's Corner Media ombudsman is a relatively new job description under the umbrella of journalism, apart from a few examples from the late 1900s. It has several names, ranging from public editor to reader's... For whom the bell tolls With the elimination of the public editor's post in The New York Times, the debate on the role of ombudsmen followed by its adaptation to our current situation is sorely needed especially considering the new realities of conventional and social media More
  • Reader's Corner Last week, terror's target was Manchester in a heinous suicide attack, which claimed the lives of 22 people and injured many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, of course. It... NYT errs again while covering terrorism Following the terror attack in Manchester, NYT's decision to publish leaked information about the investigation has caused a public outcry among some media organizations, with both sides of the argument claiming moral high ground in the absence of universally agreed-upon, clear guidelines on how to cover terrorism More
  • Reader's Corner Stable preferences but changing priorities With May 2017 behind us, a quick look at Daily Sabah's Most Read list makes a couple of categories immediately evident. But first, allow me to quickly introduce what we're... More
  • Reader's Corner For quite a while now, many of our media organizations, journalists and political figures have been complaining about the Western media's coverage of Turkey, and the displeasure of the Turkish... Does Western media protect Gülen? It has recently become more evident that many Western mainstream media organizations aim to push a single rhetoric as the reality of Turkey, instead of accurately depicting events. The latest controversy shows that to do this, they are willing to censor any article portraying FETÖ in a negative light More
  • Reader's Corner Ballot box effect on Daily Sabah In the past month, the frequency of the Reader's Corner among the Daily Sabah pages was perhaps the least in its history with only three issues due to the heavy load of pre-referendum... More
  • Reader's Corner When compiling a list of websites that are considered the cornerstones of the World Wide Web, one of the first things that come to mind is, without a doubt, Wikipedia. Not only is it considered the... Wikipedia controversy: Same old story In an attempt to turn the Wikipedia debate in to a matter of the right to information, we are reminded of a similar bid in the past years with the Twitter controversy, which time showed to be a matter of national laws and company policy More
  • Reader's Corner US's consistent sympathy for Egyptian junta regime It has been a while since Egypt occupied the headlines in the U.S. Over the past few days, the leader of the Egyptian junta regime, General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi visited Washington... More
  • Reader's Corner If we were to hold a poll about the complaints of readers when it comes to newspapers in Turkey, the problems with their websites would likely rank pretty high, right after the complaints borne out... Balancing advertisement and content With invasive and obstructive advertisements on news websites becoming one of the most common reader complaints, let us look at Daily Sabah and how it fares compared to the majority of Turkish newspapers More
  • Reader's Corner Freeloading season The holiday season, particularly the summer months, used to be a source of great "excitement," for many journalists in Turkey, but for reasons other than a well-deserved time... More
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