Turkey to launch intelligence satellite Göktürk-1 satellite next week


The Göktürk-1 satellite, which will provide target intelligence satellite imagery for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), will be launched at 4:51 p.m. on Dec. 5.

The assembly and integration activities for the satellite, designed to meet the satellite imagery needs for the TSK with regards to target intelligence, are being carried out by the project's main contractor Telespazio (Italy) along with Thales Alenia Space (France) in their facilities located in Cannes.

The satellite was subjected to environmental tests at Turkey's first Space Systems Integration and Testing Center (USET) located at the Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI) Akıncı Air Base and was later sent to the Kourou Launch Center in French Guiana in preparation for orbit.

The moment of launch will be watched live at a ceremony organized by the Air Force Command and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries at TAI's Akıncı facility.

The satellite, which is set to sit at a low-altitude orbit, will be released from the rocket 57 minutes after launch and will open its solar panels at 59 minutes. The first signal from the satellite will be taken 68 minutes after liftoff.

It will then circumvent the earth approximately every 90 minutes, and is expected to take more than 60,000 images per year.

At every pass over Turkey, Göktürk-1 satellite will transfer the photographs and images taken during its rotation to the Air Force Command's Satellite Ground Station.

The satellite, which will transmit images at a higher resolution compared to similar models in orbit, will also perform remote sensing tasks for public institutions and organizations in many fields including: monitoring the environment and construction, agricultural harvests, municipal applications, border control and cadastral activities.

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