Brazilian MPs reject corruption charges against President Temer

BOGOTA, Colombia
Published 20.10.2017 02:06

A commission from the Brazilian Congress´ Chamber of Deputies on Thursday approved a report that rejects corruption and obstruction of justice charges brought against the country's president, Michel Temer.

The Constitution and Justice Commission said the accusations brought about by the Attorney Generals' Office lack "a substantial amount of proof". The case will be discussed in the Lower Chamber of Congress.

The report was approved by 39 votes in favor, while 26 congressmen voted against it and one abstained.

The report´s processing will be carried out next week during a full house in the Chamber of Deputies. The Supreme Court of Justice requires the deputies´ approval before deciding if the president can be prosecuted.

In order to prosecute Temer and for the case not to be archived, two thirds of the Chamber of Deputies -- at least 342 senators -- must approve the charges brought against him.

The investigation involves JBS, the largest meat processing company in the world, and deals with supposed bribes made by the company to the president amounting to BRL38 million (almost $12 million).

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