First snowfall hits Ankara, northern Turkey


Turkey's capital got its first snowfall of the season yesterday, while residents of the northwest, north and east also got a taste of November snow.

In capital Ankara, snowflakes were seen in the early morning in Çankaya district's Dikmen, Oran, İncek and Ahlatlıbel neighborhoods.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality took measures to guard against mishaps and also urged drivers to use caution.

In Bursa's famed Uludağ ski center, located in northwest Turkey, the snowfall reached 45 centimeters.

In Uludağ, with lows of minus 7 degrees Celsius and highs of minus 2 degrees Celsius, snow is expected to continue falling through Wednesday.

On the Bursa-Uludağ Highway, snowfall and ice left many vehicles stuck on the road.

In Bolu, snowfall slowed down traffic on the Anadolu Highway and Bolu Mountain section of the D-100 highway.

With snow piling up to 10 centimeters, officials warned motorists to drive with care.

In the northwestern Düzce province, 10 centimeters of snow was seen in the Topuk, Güzeldere and Karduz areas.

Snow blanketed the Uşak province in western Turkey, with an accumulation of 3 centimeters in the city center, and 10 centimeters in upper elevations.

In the eastern Van province, snowfall also reached 10 centimeters in the Başkale district and caused traffic delays.

In the northern Karabük province, snowfall disrupted transportation along the Karabük-Bartın Highway, in Beştepeler and some other areas.

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