The sounds of ‘Yüksek Sadakat's footsteps!

Published 09.05.2011 17:30
Updated 09.05.2011 17:32

The official opening for the 56th Eurovision Song Contest took place on Saturday, May 7th in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The reception held by Dusseldorf Mayor Dirk Elbers kicked off with a red carpet entrance of the representatives from the 43 different countries to compete this year. The reception was held in Tonhalle and intensive security measures in place in the surrounding vicinity.
The Turkish delegation was certainly one of the most attention-drawing acts to come through. While our representatives, the group Yüksek Sadakat, spent a lof of time talking with other nation's representatives about their music, the Georgian delegation made complementary comments regarding the Turkish group.
The costumes Yüksek Sadakat will wear for their May 14th performance in the finals have been brought to Germany. Today, Yüksek Sadakat will have their first dress rehearsal.

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