Ice cream forever

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Published 24.07.2015 22:43 Modified 24.07.2015 23:42
Ice cream forever

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the must-have tastes of summer. And there are plenty of locations in Istanbul for those who are looking for quality ice cream. This week, I decided to feature a couple of these ice cream parlors for you that vary according to many different criteria from flavor to setting.

Rose ice cream

Girandola in Arnavutköy is one of the most unique ice cream parlors in Istanbul. For me, quality ice cream means it contains fruit chunks. When choosing an ice cream, it is important to prefer those that are colored with real fruit rather than synthetic ingredients. Each of Girandola's ice cream flavors specifically emphasizes the chunks of fruit contained in each of its fruit flavors. The intensity of the aroma does not give you a burning sense. The parlor's rose ice cream is my favorite, although it is not always available. The fine rose petals it contains are definitely a wonder for the taste buds. Likewise, their yogurt and lemon ice creams are quite refreshing as well. The ice cream flavor After 8, on the other hand, is one of the peculiar tastes of the place. Another striking flavor is apple cinnamon. It is just like the apple pies of our childhood combined with ice cream. With its dominion over the street and the view of the sea, Girandola is a pleasant place for sweetening your summer evenings. With stools in front of its door and its warm decoration reminiscent of Alaçatı houses, I suggest you spend a refreshing summer evening in Arnavutköy at Girandola.

Ice cream show

Serving ice cream is as important as its taste. Although the best ice cream shows are performed by Turkish-style Maraş ice cream, the American brand Cold Stone Creamery has achieved this using a different method. Having numerous branches in Turkey, Cold Stone is as cool as it sounds. When you visit the place, you order your ice cream; then you choose your ingredients. From jellies to Oreos, you may choose among many different fruits, nuts and deserts. Your ice cream and chosen ingredients are put on a cooled counter. Later, the ice cream chef mixes the ingredients together using a metal spatula in his or her hand. The chef sharply slices the ice cream, crushes and mixes it. The ice cream, which is shaped in a ball with circular motions, is then ready in a couple of minutes. Cheesecake Fantasy is my favorite flavor. There are plenty of different mixes, especially with intense chocolate flavors. You can create your own ice cream concoction yourself or choose among the ready recipes on the menu. However, if you want to see the original Turkish-style show, you must try Maraş ice cream. Maraş ice cream sellers in Sultanahmet, in particular, mesmerize the palates of their customers with the sliced ice cream they make of goat milk. They make their buyers smile with cute jokes and attract attention to this great taste by striking the bells over their ice cream coolers. Of course, the absolute best show includes traveling to Maraş to experience this unique taste in its motherland.

Very local

The last ice cream parlors I want to mention are found in Moda, the beautiful spot on Istanbul's Anatolian side. In any case, Ali Usta Ice Cream is one of the first places that come to mind when Moda is mentioned. Serving dozens of ice cream flavors at the same location for years, Ali Usta is also the place that made the first mint ice cream in Turkey. Some of the most powerful flavors at Ali Usta are blackberry, blueberry and raspberry ice creams. If you want a different taste than those I mentioned here, I recommend Balkaymak Ice Cream, also in Moda. Balkaymak is actually a brand from Samsun known as Bafra. We can say that it is another ice cream peculiar to Turkey, after Maraş ice cream. The aroma of Balkaymak Ice Cream, which is made of an intense and distinct honey blend with heavy cream, is outstanding. It looks like caramel, however, its taste seriously cannot be compared to any other taste. It has a sweet and burnt taste between coffee and honey, almost like caramel. As done in the whole Black Sea region, it is served in the shape of roses. The ice cream is finely sliced and put into a cone like rose petals, giving it a very pleasant presentation. In case you have not tasted Balkaymak's ice creams yet, go for a summer evening walk on the Moda coast and try this local flavor at the same time.

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