Art auction where no currency is valid

Published 08.04.2016 00:00
Updated 08.04.2016 01:34
Art auction where no currency is valid

Organized for the third time with the support of, the Exchange Exhibition will take place between April 15 and 17 at Adasanat. Described as "the art auction where no currency will be valid," the event will display numerous pieces by 40 artists.

The Exchange Exhibition is a contemporary group exhibition where customers bid for a piece of art in exchange for another piece. From paintings to sculpture, original prints, ceramics, photographs and illustrations, the auction/exhibition will showcase work produced in various fields. Customers write down their offer, which can be anything except money, on post-it notes attached to the pieces while they are displayed.

The event has displayed and auctioned work by well-known artists such as Memet Güreli, Buket Güreli, Cemil Cahit Yavuz, Faruk Geyran and Ekin Urcan.

The event aims to attract people who are unfamiliar with the art world by bringing veteran and younger artists and their work together. Güray Oskay, Celine Feyzioğlu and Sibel Özdoğan, the organizers of the event, said that it was first launched in 2011 and attracted a great deal of interest. They stated the event offers an alternative to the price tag-dominated art market and enables people to make contact with pieces directly. Over 1,000 offers were made at the last auction, and they continued: "There is no limit to the people's offers. There were art lovers who offered a collection of bonbon caps or a yearlong medical consultation. All customers have to do is to get creative while making an offer for the work they like."

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