İzmir gallery hosts impressionist artist's portraits of women

Published 23.04.2016 02:56
Updated 23.04.2016 02:57
İzmir gallery hosts impressionist artist's portraits of women

The İş Sanat İzmir Gallery is hosting painter Gülderen Depas's new solo exhibition until May 6. Depas is known for his portraits of women who left a mark on history such as Florence Nightingale, Ava Gardner, Mata Hari, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Angela Davis, Josephine Baker and Cahide Sonku.

The inspiration for her artwork comes from her extensive study of prominent female figures in the fields of science, politics and art, through their innovations and artwork. The artist says that she wants to share the spiritual riches of womanhood in her exhibitions, raising awareness instead of creating work that mimics a documentary. Depas believes that artwork can change the viewer's thoughts and have an impact on their aesthetic senses. Similar to pattern works, Depas uses oil paints and paintbrushes that are like pencils to create portraits with her unique expressionist style. This artist offers viewers a chance to get a closer look at prominent female figures.

In addition to her realistic approach to photography, Depas' sketches are displayed from inside illuminated boxes which serve as a road map that follows the artist's journey in art. So far, she has participated in various group exhibitions both domestically and internationally, while also opening four solo exhibitions which include two exhibitions in the city of Istanbul. Viewers can also view the artwork of Professor Hatice Bengisu at the İş Sanat İzmir Gallery's additional exhibition venue.

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