Power of drawing to be showcased at comics and art festival in Istanbul

Published 08.08.2016 01:11
Updated 08.08.2016 01:12
Power of drawing to be showcased at comics and art festival in Istanbul

Istanbul, the cultural hub of Turkey, is getting ready to host a new festival in September. The Istanbul Comics and Art Festival (ICAF), which will take place at the Saint Joseph School Facilities in the Kadıköy district from Sept. 23 to Sept. 25, offers a rich program. The festival will include various branches of visual arts, including animation, comic books and graffiti, and will also have workshops, animation screenings, live graffiti performances, concerts and panel sessions overseen by veteran artists.

Apart from visual arts and comic book enthusiasts, the ICAF will also welcome comic book stores, publishers, second-hand bookstores and creative and professional artists involved in graffiti and animation. Planned as a city festival, the organization will offer various events including workshops on book binding, pinhole cameras, 3-D printing, geometry, stenciling, paper sculpture, "Create Your Own Comic Book," "We Are Drawing" and "We Are Coloring." The white screen that will be set up right next to the pool in the facilities will screen Turkish and international animated films that made breakthroughs in animation.

The ICAF aims to help artists and enthusiasts to have a break from the digital revolution that dominates our everyday lives as well as the artistic development of creative people and creates and atmosphere that enables people to discover their artistic talents through a simple drawing or an idea. The main idea of the organization is to remember that artistry comes from the actual self, and becoming part of the production process inspires artists' future work.

Tickets for the event will soon be on sale at the official webpage of Biletix. For further information on the ICAF, you can also visit icaf.com.tr/.

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