New art space ready to launch with exhibit on games and discovery

Published 04.12.2016 23:37
Updated 04.12.2016 23:40
Alexander Deubl, “(S)triptychon,” 2015
Alexander Deubl, “(S)triptychon,” 2015

Anna Laudel Contemporary will be welcoming art lovers to its new venue in Karaköy this month, hosting the venue's first exhibition, "When did we stop playing" which opens Dec. 15.

Previously located in Erenköy and operating under the name 'Art 350' for the past four years, the restructuring of the contemporary art gallery, founded by Anne Laudel, on Bankalar Street in the trendy district of Karaköy marks efforts to offer more comprehensive support to Turkish and international contemporary artists.

The gallery will open its doors as "Anna Laudel Contemporary" in a historical building on the famous Bankalar Street in Karaköy this month.

Anna Laudel Contemporary will bring local contemporary art lovers together with its opening exhibition, "When did we stop playing?" the exhibition will be curated by Isabel Bernheimer in collaboration with Berlin-based Bernheimer Gallery.

Jan Kuck, "I Want to be an Artist, too," 2015

In addition to the exhibition's programs, the gallery will also host Art Shops that will feature reproductions of the works of local and foreign artists and art publications. The International Guest Artist Program will support contemporary artists as well as Denmark's leading jewelry designer, Monies.

Anna Laudel Contemporary will also offer a new venue which operates collaboratively with the international arts platform to give art lovers a place to come together and exchange ideas, accommodate each other and complete creative projects. Located in a five-story historical building that allows solo exhibitions and group events to be organized simultaneously, the gallery is directed by Ferhat Yeter.

The founder of the gallery Anna Laudelfirst came to Turkey from the German city of Düsseldorf 20 years ago to start a textile business. She opened the gallery in Turkey to support local and foreign artists who work in this area under the auspices of contemporary art, which she has studied her entire life.

Anna Laudel Contemporary will welcome the Berlin-based Contemporary gallery for its first exhibition to be curated by Isabelle Bernheimer at its Karaköy venue. "When did we stop playing?" is first exhibition to be opened in Turkey, making it a significant milestone for Bernheimer Contemporary which was founded in 2014 to contribute to art education and contemporary art on an international scale.

The exhibition will feature works by 10 different artists from Bernheimer

Contemporary artists, including Peter Alasztics, Blue and Joy Daniele Sigalot, Alexander Deubl, Swaantje Güntzel, Felix Höfner, Sebastian Klug, Jan Kuck, Milana Schoeller, Ludovic Thiriez and Johannes Vetter will focus on the human perspective toward life and the world which is reminiscent of a big game. Sometimes we are the ones who rule this big game but we are mostly on the side of the ruled. Our lives are too valuable and serious to be played with. On the other hand, a life without playing is not worth living for. Out of this perspective comes the exhibition, "When did we stop playing?"

As Johan Huizinga said in Homo Ludens, the game is the elementary form of finding a meaningful human life and all our cultural systems are the product of playing that game.

"When did we stop playing?" focuses on the fascinating dilemma of a genuine and humorous but always responsible and suspenseful game we play with life.

Visitors can experience the exhibition at Anna Laudel Contemporary from Dec. 16 to Feb. 12.

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