SALT Galata presents choreography on body organs

Published 25.05.2017 00:00
Updated 25.05.2017 01:20
SALT Galata presents choreography on body organs

How do visceral organs, often unnoticed during the rush of daily routine, relate with each other and life? What form of knowledge guides the individual tissue, space and rhythm of these organs?

Developed on the definition of "organic wisdom," Gizem Aksu's YU (2016) invites viewers to SALT Galata today to sense and perceive the body while questioning its socio-cultural and linguistic attributions.

Aksu's cinematographic performance questions how visceral organs relate to life and each other.

Organized in collaboration with SALT and Atelier Muse, the performance is without dialogue and only suitable for people aged 18 or older. The doors will remain closed after the show starts in order not to disturb the performance.

Aksu is a dancer, choreographer and instructor pursuing her studies on Proficiency in Art at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory.

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