Artist turns garden into arthouse in the hills of Mount Ida

Published 29.06.2017 00:32
Updated 29.06.2017 00:35
Artist turns garden into arthouse in the hills of Mount Ida

An artist who has devoted his life to the arts, Ülkü Acar has opened his house in the hills of Mount İda in Balıkesir as a place where people can experience art and nature at its best

Opening exhibitions in various cities of Turkey, Balıkesir-based artist Ülkü Acar turned his home located on the hills of Mount İda into an art garden.

Living in the Zeytinli neighborhood in Balıkesir's Edremit district, the 77 year-old artist displays his authentic objects along with his and his students' work in the garden.

Acar has opened over 150 exhibitions in various cities, 52 of which were solo exhibitions. He told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he will work until the end of his life for the proliferation of art and for it to reach everyone.

Recalling that he has been busy with arts for many years and sustaining his work in Zeytinli neighborhood in the hills of Mount İda for 18 years, Acar believes that painting and nature lead people and all creatures to experience their inner beauty.

Although he did not have such a plan at first, the artist made preparations to open his garden to the public for two years. "Indoor activities, especially art activities offered in indoor spaces, do not appeal to people in summer. For this reason, art galleries are generally closed in summer while the art garden is open. Thanks to its ambiance, plants and the artwork displayed, it scores with people all the time," Acar said.

Explaining that he combines art with nature, Acar said: "Here all the work is in touch with nature. All the artwork displayed here becomes united with nature. The garden is free of protocols. Visitors get in touch with pebbles under their feet. They touch the roses, sometimes experiencing their thorns on their fingers, or they observe the paintings thoroughly. Here, what we do is an example of devotion - it is the love of art and an effort to contribute to the area. I want to turn this place into an art museum, whether outdoor or indoor. This is my entire target."

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