Turkey a source of inspiration for Kyrgyz artists

Published 04.10.2017 19:47
Updated 04.10.2017 19:48

Turkey's natural, historical and cultural beauty has become a source of inspiration for prominent Kyrgyz artists Taalay Usubaliyev, Halida Shimova, and Jyldyz Asangali.

For Turkey's art enthusiasts, Kyrgyz artists have over the years showcased their paintings at various exhibitions across the country. Among paintings presently being exhibited at a private gallery are portraits as well as depictions of the historical, natural and cultural beauty of Turkey.

The artists said that Turkish women's love of freedom, their history and colorfulness, have impressed and inspired them deeply.

Life changing visit to Turkey

Asangali, an artist who focuses on flowers, said her visit to Turkey changed her life.

She moved to Ankara 20 years after she joined an exhibition there at the invitation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Asangali started painting as a hobby and later picked it up as her profession. She has traveled to different parts of the world with her painting and said she was impressed by Turkish women's interest in art.

Kirghizia Artists Association chairman and folk artist Usubaliyev said that Turkey has been a source of inspiration for many Kyrgyz artists.

After his country declared independence, Usubaliyev visited Turkey, which was also the first country to recognize the new Kyrgyz Republic. In his first experience abroad, he was taken by Turkey's natural beauty and richness while the kindness of Turkish people left him with some unforgettable memories.

"After the separation from the Soviet Union, I visited Istanbul. I had seen it on TV but up front, everything looked unbelievable. I had never seen so many roses together. Everywhere was so colorful. This is something you cannot see everywhere. Since then I've said that Turkey was an inspiration for our artists," Usubaliyev said.

Thankful to the people of Turkey

Shimova was born in Ürümqi, China in the northwestern Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and later migrated to Kyrgyzstan. She said that she was impressed by Turkey's historical architecture.

She opened her first exhibition at the age of 19 and has traveled to many cities in Turkey. She praised the people of Turkey for protecting their historical and architectural richness.

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