Land of civilizations promoted in Istanbul event

Published 05.10.2017 20:40

Hatay Days event in Istanbul are welcoming visitors along the Maltepe Coast Event Area from Oct. 4 to Oct. 8. with the support of the Hatay Governorship, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, the Hatay Education, Culture, Introduction and Collaboration Foundation and Hatay Businessmen and Bureaucrats Association.

At the event, which aims to introduce the cultural richness of the southern city of Hatay to the masses, craftsmen, producers of agricultural and food products, tourism and industry companies and nongovernmental organizations will participate alongside cultural events such as a henna night, aba wrestling, mosaic making and a concert of the Antakya Civilizations Choir at the Hagia Irene. Hatay cuisine such as künefe, pumpkin desserts, tray kebabs, kömbe (a kind of spicy cookie), tomato paste and spices will also be available.

Even though Hatay is one of the cities affected by the refugee problem and its negative influence in the country, the city has set a good example of living together. Hatay, where citizens from many ethnic backgrounds live side by side, is a place where there are sanctuaries of all monotheistic religions. Therefore, this year's theme of the 7th Hatay Days in Istanbul is "Not You nor I, but Us."

Stronger with arts

The Antakya Civilizations Choir is getting ready to present a journey of history and humanity with the concert they will perform at the Hagia Irene. The concert on Oct. 7, will show that a life in love, peace and solidarity is not a dream, singing Armenian, Greek, Kurdish and Turkish songs. Conducted by Yılmaz Özfırat, the choir is comprised of 120 people of Kurdish and Armenian backgrounds, including adherents to the Alevi, Sunni Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Catholic and Jewish faiths. The group's philosophy is "Love the created for the creator's sake."

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