'Hieros Gamos Cycle' for abstract art lovers

'Hieros Gamos Cycle' for abstract art lovers

Cyprus-born artist Ümit İnatçı's exhibition "Hieros Gamos Cycle" featuring his abstract creations is currently on display at Milli Reasürans Art Gallery.

While speaking at the exhibition's opening ceremony, İnatçı said he imbues music and harmony into his paintings through abstract symbols.

"The reflection of Hermes and Orpheus's metaphorical dualism can be seen in my ritualistic paintings prepared using writing motifs and musicality. My oil and object paintings always include esoteric touches that create mystery and magic," the artist said.

'I don't make art to give a message'

Noting that he always questions dichotomies, such as intuition and conscious, object and subject, mystery and explicitness, pieces and the whole, İnatçı explained that supremacy that conflicts with dichotomies work to steal a role and try to prove it.

"I don't make art to give a message. What I want to say is actually what I live," says the artist.

Pointing out that his poems are inspired by the alphabet of Göktürk script, İnatçı added: "We can't say the poems are totally written with the Göktürk alphabet, but I paint by imitating it. In my work, writing, paintings, sounds, colors and lines complement each other. I interpret my poems and reflect the sentences on my canvas through my own alphabet."

The Ümit İnatçı exhibition can be viewed at Milli Reasürans Art Gallery until Feb. 24.

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