Niche perfumes presented in art experience

Published 01.07.2018 20:47
Updated 01.07.2018 20:48
Niche perfumes presented in art experience

A perfume company named Niche & Co. Artistic Perfumery is hosting an art exhibition named "Jitterbug Perfume" by Barış Sarıbaş. The perfumery displays niche fragrances in a gallery format, a concept that is a first in Turkey.

In the art exhibition held at Niche & Co. Artistic Perfumery, contemporary Turkish artist Sarıbaş creates vibrantly colored art that shows humans' desire to be immortal by relating it to scents.

The exhibition gets its name from Tom Robbins' novel, which tells the stories of people who look for a formula to live longer and be immortal.

Visitors had a chance to enjoy the musical side of the designer Derin Sarıyer with a mini-concert at the opening party. The exhibition will run until Sept. 10.

Perfume as art

Speaking about the exhibition, managing partner of Niche & Co. Ertürk Türker said: "Although we can put into words what we feel with our skin, eyes and ears; words and standardized norms about the perceptions in regards to smell and perfume do not exist. In this context, we believe that we can contribute to the perception of perfume art by displaying niche perfume brands with different types of art and supporting the interaction between them."

Sarıbaş stated that he aims to tell stories with his paintings, saying that, "A human being who looks for a formula for immortality attempts to create a work of art, so I transfer the impacts of scents which make people smile, feel good and be rejuvenated via a visual language with colors and forms on my canvas."

About Barış Sarıbaş

One of the younger figures in contemporary Turkish painting, Sarıbaş decided to be an artist when he was seven years old, with the guidance of his mother, a painting teacher. After graduating from the Painting Department at Fine Arts High School, he received a degree from the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University. Sarıbaş's works have received various awards and support socially beneficial projects. They have been exhibited in many national and international collections and museums, including Art Basel.

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