Artists overcoming boundaries to meet in Mersin

MERSIN, Turkey
Published 13.09.2018 00:42
Updated 13.09.2018 00:43
Artists overcoming boundaries to meet in Mersin

Organized by the Mersin Governorship, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and the Mersin Development and Solidarity Association, the 2nd Mersin International Accessible Art Festival will be held between Oct. 11 and Oct. 14.

It is Turkey's first ever art festival for disabled artists. More than 100 artists of different disciplines, such as music, painting, dance and photography, from 19 different countries including Turkey will attend the festival.

The festival is the result of an effort by the Metropolitan Municipality to make Mersin an accessible city. To that end, Mersin has already carried out a number of projects, which brought numerous awards and recognition at home and abroad.

The municipality works to make disabled people a part of the city. It designs and plans the city's substructure and upper structure in line with the needs of its disabled citizens.

It also supports projects that look to involve people with disabilities in all branches of art.

The Mersin International Accessible Art Festival is one of these projects. It will show that with hope everything is possible by showcasing success stories from all around the world.

The festival will have an exhibition area and multiple concert venues around the city.

A number of panel sessions will also be held as part of the event.

All the events of the festival will be open for everyone.

Bard Aşık Veysel to be remembered

This year's Mersin International Accessible Art Festival will commemorate famous Turkish bard, Aşık Veysel and be dedicated to the disabled artists who overcome all obstacles to do what they love most and inspire others - taking them "From Darkness to the Light."

Jose Feliciano, prominent foreign guest

The festival will host legendary Puerto Rican singer, composer and guitar virtuoso Jose Feliciano. He will perform at the opening night of the festival. The other notable guests at the festival include Çağatay Aras, the bağlama player with Down syndrome; Mark Goffeney from San Diego, U.S., who plays guitar with his feet; German singer, writer and model, Joana Zimmer; and Gatto Gabriel & Steven Cyril, who composed the festival's theme song last year and shot a promotional video for Mersin. Many other local and foreign artists will add color to the festival. ISTANBUL / DAILY SABAH

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