Open Studio at The Circle

Published 30.11.2018 00:00
Updated 30.11.2018 08:00
Open Studio at The Circle

"Open Studio: Sinem Dişli" is an event that will take place at The Circle on Dec. 1 at 4 p.m. followed by a visit to Dişli's workshop, allowing visitors an up close look at Dişli's work.

The event is meant to be a larger part of the "Watershed" exhibition currently running at The Circle until Dec. 2.

"Watershed," which opened on Nov. 1, is comprised of models, sketches, photographs and videos designed as part of professor David Turnbull's PITCHAfrica project.

The PITCHAfrica project aims to find water systems by creating awareness about and effective use of water resources on the African continent, as nearly 400 million Africans have only limited access to safe drinking water despite the fact that the continent receives 13 times more rain than it needs.

The "Watershed" exhibition was supported by two events. The first was a symposium organized at the Taşkışla Campus within the academic partnership of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

The second event was centered around conversation and discussion. Topics included "What is a water shortage and how it can be overcome?" "Examples of water purification in the Middle East" and "The Origins of Sustainability and Waste Management."

As part of the third event, "Open Studio: Sinem Dişli" a tour will be organized in the company of guides and Dişli will speak about her work "Production of Familiar One." Then, participants will conduct a detailed conversation on flow and water works at Dişli's workshop in Karaköy. This way they will get a chance to know the works of the artist more closely. The Circle invites everyone to this event, which will be free of charge.

About The Circle

The Circle is a common working space focused on architecture and design and a collaboration, learning and teaching society. The formation is also an exhibition place, collaboration center, event and music space, production workshop, an academic platform for research and education, and a holistic application place for life and business relations.

Their philosophy flows from sincerity and clearness. This philosophy gives people a platform where they can both express themselves better as individuals and also develop the potential of their professional and personal lives. It depends on the principle of comprehensiveness.

The Circle focuses on individual and professional development, being aware that architecture is essentially a multidisciplinary art. In this multidisciplinary structure, not only technical design but also a philosophy of sustainability that influences all of our perspectives take place.

As it has a flexible and open structure, society is open to different thoughts. This makes identites become flexible, helping them go beyond mere architecture. The Circle was founded by Selçuk Avcı, Sanja Jurca Avcı, Markus Lehto, Eda Çarmıklı, Yüksel Demir, Kemal Seyhan, Nurgül Türker, Dilara Tekin Gezginti and Yunus Tonkuş under the leadership of Avcı Architects. They are not only architects; they define themselves as spatial actors who can explore all conditions of thought and interaction.

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