Nature and symbolic aesthetics at new generation artist's show

Published 29.01.2019 00:08
The “Silent” exhibition is a symbolic representation of the relationship the artist Çevik establishes with the nature.
The “Silent” exhibition is a symbolic representation of the relationship the artist Çevik establishes with the nature.

Hasan Çevik's latest exhibition ‘Silent,' which reveals the relationship of the artist with nature through symbolical aesthetics, will be on display at Gallery Diani from Feb. 16 to March 9

Gallery Diani is hosting painter Hasan Çevik's exhibition "Silent" from Feb. 16 to March 9. The artist is a new generation artist followed closely by art lovers and collectors. As a new generation painter he uses the aesthetics of landscape painting and symbolical esthetics and has a plain painting language that focuses on pattern that is unique in the use of color and lighting, without exaggeration.

Çevik's second exhibition, Silent, according to the artist, is about the urge and desire to solve nature, nature's mystery, its language and to make it visible. About his exhibition that will open on Feb. 16 at Gallery Diani, Çevik said, "Nature is one of the starting points of art and the artist. Nature connects everything to itself, there is nothing that does not originate from nature. Art also got its first inspiration from nature. Just like in science and technology, the traditional roots of art also are imprinted together with the principles of belief and processed with certain shapes and forms as rules. Observation of nature, in this respect, has opened the door of the new 'possibilities' outside the usual forms of expression for artists."

Hasan Çevik's works can be seen Feb. 16 to March 9 at Gallery Diani.

The exhibition is a symbolic representation of the relationship the artist establishes with nature; therefore the forms used in the paintings have been personalized and transformed by the artist, the exterior form has become the purpose of the interior form. The artist typified his view of nature on the canvas, he chose and decomposed, from time to time has abstracted nature; he repainted his own composition by using ruins, mountains, trees, clouds, lakes, stones and also contract harmonies.

The "Silent" exhibition can be visited from Feb. 16 to March 9 at Gallery Diani.

About Hasan Çevik

He was born in 1976 in Erzincan. His schooling till high school was in Istanbul. He then graduated from Marmara University Social Sciences Vocational School with a Tourist Guide Associate Degree. Çevik received his Bachelor's Degree in Art Teaching from Atatürk Faculty of Education of Marmara University in 2004. He completed his master's degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University under the supervision of Aydın Ayan, with a work-text dissertation titled "Istanbul Views in Turkish Painting" in 2010.

Çevik received his degree of proficiency in art with "Symbolic Approaches to the Art of Scandinavian Painting" under the supervision of Ayan at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2017.

Along with paintings, he received training in sculpture, print, engraving, fresco, mosaic and stained glass. He was assigned as a research associate to Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics in 2011. He left this post voluntarily in 2013. He worked as a pattern workshop research associate at Marmara University's Fine Arts department. He opened his solo exhibition titled "Stone and Time" at Tophane-i Amire Sarnıç Gallery. He participated in many painting exhibitions in Turkey. He continues his art works in his studio in Istanbul and continues to act as a professional tourist guide.

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