Pioneering woman and intellectual to be commemorated

Published 08.03.2019 00:59
Nezihe Muhiddin
Nezihe Muhiddin

Intellectual Nezihe Muhiddin, founder of the Women's People Party - the first political party in the history of the Turkish Republic - a women's right advocate, journalist and author, will be commemorated with a documentary screening and a special talk today on March 8 International Women's Day at Özyeğin University and Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation respectively. The first event will be held between 12.40 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. while the one at the Hazar Foundation will be held at 4.30 p.m. and will be enriched with interactive talks.

Directed by Ümran Safter and written by Ahsen Diner, the documentary film "The Sin of Being a Woman" will greet its audience at Özyeğin University as a tribute to Nezihe Muhiddin. The film screening will be hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences under the auspices of the Women's Studies Club and the Cinema Club. Following the screening, Ümran Safter, the film's director, Yaprak Zihnioğlu, the film's history consultant and researcher, and academic lecturer Senem Timuroğlu, will come together with the audience to give a talk. The talk will be moderated by Ms. Gülsu Bartan, the president of the Women's Studies Club of the university.

The event at the Hazar Foundation will also feature Ümran Safter and Yaprak Zihnioğlu, who will talk about Nezihe Muhiddin and the documentary "The Sin of Being a Woman."

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