'A Separate Reality' invites spectators to a new way of seeing

Published 13.03.2019 00:06
'A Separate Reality' invites spectators to a new way of seeing

With her exhibition "A Separate Reality," artist Seçil Erel synthesizes figurative and abstract areas and presents a new dimension of wisdom to the taste of art lovers. The exhibition is open to visit at the Milli Reasürans Art Gallery until Apr. 6.

The previous exhibition by Seçil Erel focused on belonging and architectural concepts by looking at the venues that are at the center of life. It is seen that a harmony of mathematical analysis and an intuitive approach are the infrastructure of Erel's works, reasonably grabbing attention. The artist studies the relation between humankind and the space they live in at the macro level - focusing not just on the architectural concept but also on habitation and their position in the space. Offering an approach to mapping, Erel invites spectators to a new way of looking and seeing.

Upgrading her route to a new dimension with her exhibition "A Separate Reality," Erel salutes spectators with her recent paintings. Inspired by her intuitions, she created casual flows from macro-cosmos to micro-cosmos.

Within this context, the exhibition also shines out as the messenger of the personal and professional transformation Erel experienced. The serial paintings and new compositions she created are the first products of her study she conducted both on and out of painting.

In her work, through which she developed adding and reducing the methods which were identified with her, folds and layers gain new meanings. The panels created by the artist interlace establishing a relation with each other. The space and the platform emerge on the canvas. The sharp lines start to curve and images start to emerge on abstract works. Erel neither totally exposes a figurative work, nor creates abstract spaces. She follows a delicate balance in her art.

"You have to establish a strong bond with painting," says Erel. "You must neither be dragged by the painting, nor drag the painting to the point you wanted to reach. The painting attempt must be accompanied by a balanced calmness. The wisest version of the tension between the work of art and its artist consists of calmness and acceptance. After such a balance, colors flow, the light shines out and the composition slowly starts to emerge on the canvas."

About Seçil Erel

Born in Istanbul, Seçil Erel was educated at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, where she also completed her master's degree. Some time ago, she placed travel at the center of her life going after her search, which constitutes the basis of her work. After gaining experience via guest artist programs, symposiums and workshops both in Turkey and abroad, she decided to settle down in London. Since 2017, she has sustained her life and works there.

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