Dialogues on contemporary art at Step Talks

Published 22.04.2019 00:07
Step Istanbul talks and events will be held between April 25 and 28.
Step Istanbul talks and events will be held between April 25 and 28.

Organized in cooperation with Tomtom Designhood and Çağdaş Istanbul and hosted by the Italian High School Istanbul, Step Istanbul and Step Talks will offer brand-new interactions on art with their full content on contemporary art.

Initiated with the idea of accessible art with an aim to serve as a "first step" to art, Step Istanbul will be held at Tomtom Kırmızı and at the garden of Italian High School Istanbul between Apr. 25 and 28. Organized under the context of Step Istanbul, Step Talks invites spectator to a unique atmosphere that will offer colorful talk on various branches of contemporary art.

The Step Talks program presents journalist and columnist Şelale Kadak as speaker for the panel "Conveying the right message: Effective Communication for Art Columnists."

Prepared by young curator Bala Gürcan, the program will be presented under the sections titled "Current Dynamics of World of Global Art," "Dialogues on Art Production," "Interpreting Contemporary Art: Art Criticism & Curatorial Practices" and "The Future is Now: Digital Media and Art of New Media." Within the context of the talks, the program will bring together successful figures producing work in various art branches.

In addition to culture and arts columnist Hatice Utkan Özden, curator Ulya Soley, academic Melike Bayık, collector Mehmet Ali Bakanay, art critic Kültigin Kağan Akbulut, figures as Ayça Telgeren (artist), HUO RF (artist), new media artists' collective Oddviz and Art On Gallery Director Gökşen Buğra will take part in the talks.

The opening session of Step Istanbul, which is initiated with the motivation to raise a conscious youth that research, read and learn more on artistic approaches, will be made by academic, curator and art critic Marcus Graf in the garden of the Italian High School.

The talk program that will be realized within the joyous atmosphere of the Tomtom neighborhood in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district also offers parallel programs as art walks, gastronomy and design activities through which the visitors spend long hours at the program.

Details and headlines on Step Talks

As part of the talk series "Current Dynamics of the World of Global Art," the current state of galleries, fairs and the auction ecosystem will be handled. In addition, collectors will give some advice for fresh young beginners.

With the series "Dialogues on Art Production," fresh graduates or artists who aim to communicate with galleries and art makers will be guided in drawing a road map.

The "Interpreting Contemporary Art: Art Criticism & Curatorial Practices" series will focus on the current position of art criticism, curatorial practices in the result of contemporary approaches on art. It will also support the new generation with important insights on the sector.

"The Future is Now: Digital Media and Art of New Media" series will shed light on the rising effect of new media and digital art on the market of contemporary art in addition to the new sale techniques developed as a result that effect. Ways of creating collections will also be another topic for the series.

The talks will be held in Turkish and are free of charge. For detailed information, please visit Step Istanbul's web site and social media accounts.

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