Chinese culture: From art to cuisine at Pera

Published 21.07.2019 00:28
A Chinese menu prepared as part of the exhibition on display at the Pera Museum.
A Chinese menu prepared as part of the exhibition on display at the Pera Museum.

Pera Museum continues to attract art lovers with the exhibition "Out of Ink: Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art," which takes them on a journey through Chinese contemporary art. Curated by Karen Smith, the exhibition hosts current reviews by 13 artists specializing in the ink painting tradition.

Scheduled to run until July 28, the exhibition offers special menus and designs inspired by the exhibition to art enthusiasts at Pera Cafe and Artshop, as well. The exhibition brings together over 30 works by 13 artists living in different regions and cities of China. Works that cover subjects such as landscapes, nature and calligraphy with modern approaches appear in different media such as painting, photography, video and placement. Among the artists who relate to ink through reflections of Chinese cultural heritage on their art are Chen Guangwu, Chen Haiyan, Li Ming, Liang Wei, Luo Yongjin, Qiu Anxiong, Sun Yanchu, Tang Bohua, Xu Bing, Xu Hongming, Xing Danwen, Jian-Jun Zhang and Zhou Fan.

Special menu for the exhibition

Pera Cafe, located on the ground floor of Pera Museum and designed as a place of relaxation and communication for visitors, offers an alternative venue for those looking to rest after an art-filled day or to get rid of the fatigue of everyday hustle and bustle. In addition to its rich menu, Pera Cafe offers special menus parallel to the periodical exhibitions at the museum.

The Chinese menu prepared as part of the exhibition offers pickled ginger, Chinese ravioli, Chinese pastries, noodles, chicken with soy sauce and green tea. Products designed specifically for periodical exhibitions at Pera Museum are presented to art lovers at Artshop, the store of the museum. Colorful earrings, bags and mugs, inspired by the ink exhibition, offer exceptional alternatives for personal accessories and home decoration.

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