Public institutions to ride on domestic automobile

Published 23.10.2017 20:27

As talks are in progress with Turkey's leading groups such as Kale, Karsan, Fiba, Sanko, Koç Vestel and BMC in the last stage of domestic automobile production, all eyes have turned to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who will soon announce the group that will undertake the production. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü said that public institutions will use the domestic automobile and taxi drivers will receive various incentives, such as loans, if they prefer indigenous cars.

"Vehicles manufactured in Turkey draw attention with their technical characteristics, performance, design and quality. At the forefront of our private sector, we are creating a domestic automobile brand that will appeal to global markets as well," Özlü said. "We will create a strong automotive brand that belongs to Turkey under the leadership of the public."

Minister Özlü stated that public institutions would also use domestic automobiles, adding that they will mobilize all possibilities for its widespread use.

The government is launching a domestic automobile support program under the three-year super league promotion program. In the three-year Medium-Term Program, an intensive project was conducted on electric cars, the technology of the future. A three-stage project - research and development (R&D) and innovation, design and engineering, production and marketing - is underway in this regard to see a domestic car brand in Turkey and the world before 2020.

Following President Erdoğan's announcement regarding the project contractor, the production phase will start. Minister Özlü said they aim to build a car that will take root in the world.

"We are determined to create a strong automotive brand that will be produced in our country in which the intellectual and industrial property rights belong to Turkey," Özlü said, stressing that they are interested in creating a domestic car brand that will appeal to global markets under the leadership of the private sector with the support of the public.

He also pointed to structural transformation in the sector. "In the current transformation, there is a strong orientation and strategy change from internal combustion motor vehicles to hybrid, electric and even autonomous vehicles. Our automotive sector leads the way in the manufacturing industry according to many indicators," Minister Özlü added. "The sector has serious infrastructure. The largest amount of R&D expenditure is made in the automotive sector in our country. One out of every four R&D centers operates in this sector."

Incentives for the domestic car to make a strong entry into the market have also begun to become clear. The government is expected to take over the first design costs within the scope of the project in which the state is one of the shareholders. Particularly for taxi drivers and those who prefer domestic cars, different incentives, especially credit support, will be introduced. For example, a tradesman who replaces his taxi with a domestic car will be able to use a low interest loan. Public institutions will also use domestic cars.

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