The 11th Literature Festival kicks off in Istanbul

Published 28.12.2019 00:08

The 11th Literature Festival, organized by the Istanbul branch of the Turkish Authors' Association (TYB), has met with literature enthusiasts.

Implemented with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Fatih, Zeytinburnu, Pendik and Sultanbeyli Municipalities, the festival began with the opening ceremony at the Kızlarağası Medresesi on Dec. 26.

The event, focusing on the theme of "Literature and Youth," will host more than 70 speakers in more than 30 sessions. The festival will include music and poetry recitals, theatres and documentary film screenings, as well as various competitions whose winners will be presented books.

TYB Istanbul Branch Chair Mahmut Bıyıklı stated that the festival is the largest literary event in Turkey, adding that they present a festival with rich content to literature enthusiasts in Istanbul like every year. "As a result of long-term preparations, a festival program worthy of Istanbul was formed. The reason why we set our theme as 'Literature and Youth' this year is that we have very talented young friends in the world of literature. Great masters of the future are growing. We will discuss the relationship between youth and literature in the sessions," he added.

Bıyıklı pointed out that the young people who have taken great interest in the festival since its inception welcomed the festival with excitement and enthusiasm, inviting all the people of Istanbul to the festival.

A number of speakers, including Yusuf Kaplan, Ümit Meriç, Savaş Ş. Barkçin, Ahmet Murat, Belkıs İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Aykut Ertuğrul, Güray Süngü and Turgay Anar, will address the relationship between literature and youth at sessions to be held at Kızlarağası Medresesi, Akademi Beyoğlu, Istanbul Provincial National Education Library, Pertevniyal High School and Üsküdar Ali Fuat Başgil Anadolu İmam Hatip High School during the festival.

The festival, which will present special awards in the categories of "novel," "essay," "poetry" and "story," will end on Dec. 28.

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