Pharmacists place an embargo on 3,000 medications

Published 28.12.2010 16:24
Updated 28.12.2010 16:25

Pharmacists have decided to return the pharmaceuticals in their stocks back to their manufacturers due to the drop in regulatory prices, which was not compensated for by pharmaceutical companies. Three-thousand brands of medicine are being returned to manufacturing distributors today.

Due to the drop in medication prices as a result of the change in reference prices for pharmaceuticals, pharmacists have been left with stock on hand, while manufacturers refuse to compensate for the decreased prices. As a result, pharmacists have decided to return their stock on hand to the manufacturers.
According to Istanbul Pharmaceutical Chamber Chairman Semih Güngör, due to the lack of any concrete developments from December 11th, 2010 up until now, a list has been compiled of 3,067 pharmaceuticals which have been subject to a price decrease as a result of the increased reductions implemented by the regulatory state institution.

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