A yacht worth 20 million Euros!

Published 19.10.2011 17:08

Four Turkish businessmen are in competition to purchase the Cyrus One, the most expensive yacht at 20 million Euros, out of 386 boats on display at the International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boatshow.

Opening its doors to sea enthusiasts for the 30th time, the International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boatshow, has 386 sailboats, motor yachts, catamarans and mega yachts ranging from 3-58 meters in length on display.
With 290 attending firms and 650 participating brands, the total value of the boats on display is up to one billion and 158 million liras. However, with prices starting at 30,000 TL, buyers are expected to come forth. The most expensive yacht up for grabs is the 34-meter Cyrus One, which is for sale for 20 million Euros.
This yacht, of which similar models have been purchased in the past by Enka Companies Group Honorary Chairman Şarık Tara and Koray Companies Conglomerate Founder H. Ayduk Koray, was built in the Antalya Free Zone, and has already become a favorite of Turkish businessmen at the fair which opened today. Cyrus Yachts' Finance and Acquisition Authority Gökhan Köseoğlu states that even though he will not reveal the names of the interested parties, he did mention that the sectors they are active in include textile, tourism, construction and food.
The luxurious yacht, which is tied to the A pontoon, is priced at 8.5 million Euros excluding the interior design. The second most expensive boat in the fair, the Serenity II, is able to reach a speed of 15 knots and is seeking out a new owner for a price of 12 million 900 thousand Euros.

NTSR Fair Chairman Serkan Tığlıoğlu emphasized during a meeting for the Boatshow organization that purchasing a boat is now just for rich people and that there are boats that are cheaper than the price of a summer house. According to data from the Maritime Undersecretary, the number of orders for luxurious yachts in 2011 showed a 58% increase compared to the year prior. Tığlıoğlu also stated that at present there are approximately 688 yachts being built.

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