Turkish brands gain strength in the Russian market

Published 30.11.2012 17:14
Updated 30.11.2012 17:18

With a fast rise in the Colin’s brand’s international interest, especially by Russia and Ukraine, Eroğlu Holding has now decided to take their other clothing brand Loft to these two countries as well.

Loft Retail Executive Board Chairman and Eroğlu Holding Executive Board Member Şahin Eroğlu explains that they have acquired the franchise for Loft in the Eastern Bloc nations, in North Africa, the Middle East and the Far East

Explaining plans for growth by 43 percent with the Loft brand next year, Eroğlu states, "We want to enter the Russian and Ukrainian markets. We will be expediting our investments in these two nations."
Sharing that they currently operate 63 stores, nine of which are abroad and over 250 points of sale, Eroğlu states, "In 2013, with the investments we plan to make in Russia and Ukraine, we will be opening 25 stores abroad and ten in the country reaching a total of 35 stores. With 43 percent growth in 2013, we will reach 220 million TL in turnover."

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