Turkcell and MIT offer first MBA for entrepreneurs


The Turkcell Digital Academy is now collaborating with the world's most prestigious technology university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The institutes have jointly prepared an Innovator's MBA program both in Turkish and English, which is a brand-new global online training attempt. The MIT Online Training Platform (MITx) is a product of the first collaboration the university has ever established with a private company for online training services.

The online training for the Innovator's MBA program has commenced at the Turkcell Digital Academy, which provides access to both English and Turkish versions of the program. While most similar programs are offered for a fee, the Innovator's MBA program's classes can be connected to free of charge from anywhere in the world. Students enrolling in the MBA program can take courses such as "Who is a client?" "How do you know your clients?" and "User-Generated Entrepreneurship," and obtain certificates in this regard. Furthermore, the contents of MIT's Massive Online Open Courses will be published online in Turkish on the Turkcell Digital Academy's website. Forty-eight MIT training videos in the category of "Innovation" have been translated into Turkish and are now published on the Turkcell Digital Academy portal as of Jan.12.

The MBA program can also be accessed by anyone, whether or not they are Turkcell customers. Participants will have the choice to obtain two types of certificates. While the honorary certificates are free of charge, participants who want to obtain identity-confirmed and internationally-valid MIT certificates will pay between $20 and $100, depending on the length of their training. Turkcell's General Manager Süreyya Ciliv said that in the new world, the only way to success is through technology and innovation and at Turkcell they want to improve their network and provide advanced solutions to Turkey in this respect.

MIT Edx's Digital Learning Platform Director Professor Dr. Sanjay Sarma also underlined the fact that methods of learning are now changing in the world and online training has proven to be very effective. The Entrepreneurship 101 included in the program takes about 12 weeks to complete and includes 57 training videos, along with success stories and tests. The Entrepreneurship 102 class will commence on Jan. 12 and takes about 16 weeks to complete, offering 30 training videos.

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