Burger King Turkey to launch 50 new branches

Published 10.06.2015 23:15

Burger King is increasing its investments in Turkey after announcing that it will be opening 50 new restaurants within the next two months. TAB Gıda, which opened 123 new restaurants last year, is aiming to increase its number of restaurants by 30 percent this year. The CEO of Ata Holding, Erhan Kurdoğlu said that they are contributing to employment with more than 15,000 jobs being created, and their target is to add 1,200 more to their staff by reaching 1,000 restaurants in Turkey. Kurdoğlu further said that they are Burger King's biggest franchise with more than 600 Burger King restaurants all around Turkey along with 900 restaurants belonging to other brands such as Popeyes, Sbarro, Arby's and Usta Dönerci. Noting that they are planning to invest around $800 million by 2019, Kurdoğlu said that in 2012 they entered the Chinese market as TAB Gıda and took over 65 Burger King restaurants. "We will increase this number to 90. We want to increase the total number of restaurants we own in China and Turkey to 3,000 and our staff to 40-45,000," added Kurdoğlu. On the Atakey potato production facility, which was established by a joint venture of Ata Holding and Özgörkey Holding, Kurdoğlu said that it is the largest facility for potato production in Turkey, with a $50 million investment and 120,000 tons of production capacity.

The investment cost of a new Burger King restaurant starts from $700,000 without tax in Turkey and changes according to the type and size of the restaurant.

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