Textile industry earns $50 million in one week

Published 16.06.2015 21:35

The Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, which brought 5,000 buyers from 32 countries together in Antalya has come to an end. The organization, in which 150 Turkish companies made sales totaling nearly $50 million within one week, made important contributions to the ready-made clothing sector, which entered 2015 with losses. The president of the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, Hikmet Erarslan, explained that they started up the organization with 11 manufacturers and 45 buyers 10 years ago. "We reached $110 million annually with extra orders besides Dosso Dossi, which is held twice a year," Erarslan said. Explaining that they are in the position of guarantor for producers and buyers, and thus have built a trust bridge between them, Erarslan said: "A variety of 40,000 products are being displayed here. Buyers come with their families. They come for both business and pleasure. Even the smallest company makes a turnover of nearly $150,000 to $200,000. With this organization, we provide temporary employment for 30,000 people. Additionally, our contribution to the tourism of Antalya is huge. We filled approximately nine or 10 hotels to capacity." Emphasizing the fact that they grow 20 percent to 30 percent every year, Erarslan said that they expected the number of customers to reach 20,000 within five years.

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