No situation hindering the construction of Istanbul's 3rd airport

Published 19.06.2015 20:09

The General Directorate of State Airports Operations has refuted reports saying that the Council of State canceled the execution of the Cabinet's decision on urgent nationalization for the ongoing third airport project in Istanbul. The General Directorate of State Airports Operations said in a statement that all court decisions sent to the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) requesting the cancelation of nationalization were rejected. The statement went on to say that construction work is going at a rapid pace and there is no legal situation or condition that hinders the construction process of the new airport. Additionally, the Council of State's Sixth Desk rejected the cancelation of nationalization about the immovable properties in Eyüp's Ağaçlı village where the nationalization case was not claimed by TOKİ. It was said that as nationalization was not executed, it was not proper to cancel its execution on procedural grounds. The statement says that the decision was rejected as the decisions dated Oct. 22, 2014 do not specify the cancelation of expropriation and the Council of State must not take a decision on procedural grounds and that it was a council decision.

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